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"There you are."

I don’t usually do this on tumblr but since I just literally had my heart through a meat grinder and bad news dumped on me at the same time …

Anyone need a roommate? Preferably in the Sonoma Country Area. Preferably someone who doesn’t mind my pet rat. I need a place to stay, this house goes up for market on October 15th and my roommate has just informed me today she can’t afford the new place we were going to get.

I don’t have a lot of time. When I’ll a little less shell shocked I’ll do legitimate research.

September 22 | 4:18

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if we go to a restaurant and have to choose between a table or a booth and you say table i will never trust you again

September 22 | 3:33 | 491258♥ | givenhy | everyoneisdeadnow


This is one of the most accurate things I have ever seen.

"We called it the Traveler, and its arrival changed us forever."

-for 4chan500-

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I am late to the party (as usual) but Brooklyn 99 is amaze.

September 22 | 1:14


rvb blood gulch crew + emojis: red team 

+ doc even though he’s like neutral?

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